Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies in USA

Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies in USA

What do you do when your beloved pet becomes ill or sustains an injury? Many people have no choice but to delay treatment until they can afford the vet bill, and that’s where pet insurance comes in. Not all companies are created equal, however, and not all plans offer the same level of coverage at the same price. For this reason, it’s important to weigh all of your options before you sign on the dotted line. Here are five of the best pet insurance companies in the United States.

1) PetPlan

The best pet insurance companies out there will not only treat your pets, but also provide wellness checkups for preventative care. PetPlan does both of these things and more, boasting 24/7 customer service support and over 150 in-network veterinarians. They also offer a free-look period that allows customers to try their plan for 30 days before purchasing it.

2) Embrace

There are many pet insurance companies on the market, but only a few that provide quality coverage at affordable rates. This post will highlight five of these top-rated insurance companies for pets. Learn more about each one and decide which one is right for you and your furry friend!

3) PetFirst

PetFirst is a family-owned pet insurance company founded in 1993 by two local veterinarians. They have since grown to be a nationwide company and are recognized as being one of top pet insurance companies. PetFirst offers four levels of coverage based on your pet’s breed, age, and medical history, with different deductibles for each level. It’s also unique in that it does not offer breed exclusions for dogs or cat breeds known to have specific genetic health problems.

4) Trupanion

If you’re looking for coverage for more than just dogs and cats, Trupanion will cover your pet birds, horses, rats and other critters. This top-rated insurance company boasts a 90 percent customer satisfaction rating and offers more than 50 different plans in all 50 states. For example, its Platinum plan covers 70 percent of your pet’s eligible expenses with an annual deductible of $1,000. That works out to $85 per month.

5) Nationwide

Pet insurance is a great way to help protect your pet in case of injury or illness. These five companies each offer a quality product for a fair price and are well-liked by pet owners. Because pets age much faster than humans, you should consider buying pet insurance early on and revisit it annually. Your costs will vary depending on factors like your pet’s age, breed, condition, and geographical location.

Last Word

With costs of vet care on the rise, pet insurance is an increasingly valuable option for pet owners. And, with such a wide range of insurers to choose from, it’s important to research your options before purchasing insurance for your beloved dog or cat. We’ve picked out five reliable pet insurance companies you can start with below

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