Common questions and misconceptions about the use of sunscreen 

Common questions and misconceptions about the use of sunscreen 

One has to think about many things before going out of the house, right? Water bottles, sunglasses, umbrellas; all are taken in the bag, but did you take sunscreen? ‘I’ll just get in the car and come back, I’m not going out in the sun’ or ‘I gave sunscreen once, why take it with me again?’ There are so many questions or myths about sunscreen! Today I will try to clear up some common misconceptions about the use of sunscreen. I hope you can learn a lot about sunscreen by reading today’s article.

Let’s know some common sunscreen myths

‘No need for sunscreen on cloudy days or in cold weather’

It is a mistake to think that sunburn is the only cause of skin damage. Maybe you don’t see or feel the sunlight, but it does have the presence of ultraviolet rays. On the contrary, if it is cloudy, UV radiation is more, so you have to apply sunscreen even on cloudy days.

‘Black people don’t need sun protection!’

Many people think like this. The sunscreen application has no connection with Skintone. Everyone needs sun protection no matter the skin color, from black to bright fair. If not, there may be other problems including skin damage, such as skin cancer. You may not realize it at first, but if you do not use sunscreen for a long time, the signs of damage on the skin will become visible after a while.

‘Makeup products have SPF, no need for sunscreen separately’

This is another common misconception about the use of sunscreen. Makeup products often include sun protection factors, such as SPF 15+ on your face powder. You will not get complete protection. Minimum SPF 30 should be used when going out of the house; SPF 50 is better. So there is no alternative to sunscreen. When applying makeup, apply sunscreen before applying primer.


  1. EltaMD UV clear SPF sunscreen 2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF55

3. Missha Essence Sun Milk SPF50 + / PA +++  4. 3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF 50 + PA +++

‘Sunscreen should be applied once in the morning’

Ultraviolet rays are very harmful; they penetrate directly into your skin and damage skin cells. But many of us do not pay attention to such an important issue. Once you apply sunscreen at the beginning of the day, it will never give you full day protection. Sunscreen breaks down in sunlight and loses effectiveness. According to SPF, it can protect your skin for 3/4 hours. So if you are out 3-4 hours later, you have to apply again.

‘If you wear full sleeve shirts, you don’t need to use sunscreen’

Many people think that wearing a flower sleeve shirt or mask does not require sunscreen. That’s wrong! Many of us know that ultraviolet rays penetrate many layers of the atmosphere. So can you guess how deep this ray can penetrate your clothes, mask and skin? So even with a full sleeve dress or a hat on your head, you will not get complete protection. Wearing full sleeves can reduce sunburn, but sunscreen must be applied!

‘Sunlight cannot harm when standing in the shade’

Ultraviolet rays are reflected from water, sand and even soil or grass. So if you are in the shade, don’t think that you are protected from the sun. Standing in the shade will allow you to stay away from heat and get some relief. Ultraviolet rays usually have an effect of 10-4 hours. So it would not be right to go out without sunscreen at this time.

‘I stay home all day; I don’t need sunscreen! ‘

Sunlight is coming to your house through glass, isn’t it? You’re going to the roof, you’re going to the porch, you’re working by the window, you’re exposed to the sun! And the fact that you have been cooking in front of the stove for a long time in the kitchen is also damaging the skin. So the solution is to apply sunscreen. If you apply sunscreen, you don’t have to worry about sun and heat anymore!

‘Vitamin D does not reach the skin when sunscreen is applied’

Vitamin D is definitely a vital nutrient for the body. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. Use of sunscreen does not block vitamin D penetration. And it is said that 5-30 minutes is enough for vitamin D penetration. To make up for vitamin D deficiency, make it a habit to apply it on the sweet sun in the morning. If there is strong sun and intense heat flow, it is better not to stay in sun exposure for a long time.

There are some things to keep in mind

1) Sunscreen should be used in all weathers. It is not necessary to use it only in hot weather. Please do not use it when the date has expired.

2) Use broad spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB.

3) Understand skin type and concern and select sunscreen. Mineral based sunscreen contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which is very effective in sun protection.

4) Do double cleansing at night.



Where can I get authentic sunscreen?
You will get a collection of sunscreen from different brands in cosmetics. You can buy authentic products online from amazon or you can also choose from nearby outlets.

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