5 Best Medical Insurance Companies

5 Best Medical Insurance Companies

If you’re like most Americans, health insurance coverage is an important part of your life, whether you’re getting it from your employer or buying it on your own through an online insurance broker. Given the number of options available to you, it can be difficult to figure out which medical insurance companies are best for you and your family. Here are five of the best medical insurance companies in the United States in 2017.

1) Aetna

Although it lost its spot as #1 to Kaiser Permanente, Aetna is still one of America’s best medical insurance companies. In addition to offering individual and family health plans, Aetna also offers group health insurance (AKA employee health insurance). Like many other carriers, they accept all major forms of payment. And, although they’re not a budget option, they’re among our picks for best dental plan providers in the U.S.

2) Cigna

A lot of different factors go into choosing a medical insurance provider, including deductibles, premiums, and reimbursements. Cigna has some of the best health care coverage in all these areas and its plans are affordable enough for most families to cover.

3) UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare is one of the best medical insurance companies because it offers inexpensive health insurance plans with solid coverage, including vision, dental and life. UnitedHealthcare is also a good choice if you’re self-employed or have a pre-existing condition. The company often runs promotions that can significantly reduce your premium costs. However, UnitedHealthcare may not be right for you if you frequently visit doctors or want to use first-class hospitals or clinics.

4) Blue Cross Blue Shield (Anthem, Health Net)

While Blues plans are on average more expensive than those of other insurers, they also tend to be among the most generous when it comes to coverage. One independent survey found that in nearly every state, Blues-run plans have some of the lowest deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for hospital care and prescription drugs. As a tradeoff, many people find that Blues policies have higher monthly premiums and/or copays for doctor visits.

5) Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, a nonprofit health insurance company based in California, is one of the best medical insurance companies for individuals and families. It offers several plans for people in different age brackets, as well as alternative coverage options such as medical savings accounts and short-term health insurance plans. In addition to its value-based approach to providing care and its expansive network of physicians, it also offers convenient online tools that allow members to learn about their benefits or find an in-network doctor online.

Last Word

Choosing a health insurance provider is all about determining what you want versus what you need. Ask yourself, How much coverage do I need? And answer, As much as I can afford. You may find that it’s cheaper to go with a more generous policy than one that offers basic coverage—and then finding ways to save on costs when you don’t use your insurance. If you smoke or are overweight, there are programs that can help reduce your premiums.

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